Engaging the Community

We reach put to the community because we believe that our congregational community is part of the larger fabric of our social community. In that fabric we wish to be healers, peace makers, helpers, justice seekers and willing supporters in the continuing growth and development of our city, state, country and the world.

Stephanie Mott

Stephanie Mott

Different perspectives

From time to time, WWUUC invites guest speakers to our pulpit. We have had the pleasure of hearing Stephanie Mott speak about Transgender Faith. and the Rev. Mark Davies has visited us to speak about climate change. By inviting different perspectives to the pulpit, we are blessed with the opportunity to learn more about the world and how we can more compassionately interact with and support our community and each other.


Norman United

Norman United is a project that has evolved as a result of WWUUC's effort to reach out to other accepting and affirming congregations. Reaching out to members of the LGBTQ Community, in collaboration with other churches and community members, we strive to positively impact the community in which we live.

Offering our space for local events

Our church is host to many other events and activities!

Life Anew

Monthly LGBTQ Potluck

Cornbread and Beans