Visit the Beloved Community

Sunday Services at 11:00 am

Dress is casual, bring the children!

Childcare is available from 10 a.m. to noon.

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1309 West Boyd
Norman, OK 73069


Adult and Children's Religious Education       
10 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

Sunday Services
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Committee & Social Club Meetings                 
Following Services                  




Check the event calendar for Monday through Saturday schedule


October 8: Sermon presented by Student Minister Andy Jacobs
service followed by the monthly Potluck Lunch. Everyone is welcome to attend; bring your favorite dish to share!

October 15: Lay Led sermon presented by Charles Burnell
service followed by monthly WWUUC Board Meeting; all are welcome to attend.

October 22: Poetry Reading service (bring a poem to share with the congregation!)

October 29: Sermon presented by Student Minister Andy Jacobs


Adult Programs

Sundays offer two different Religious Education classrooms where we encourage attendees to engage in the dialog. All ideas, analyses, and opinions are encouraged. From this dialogue, we are empowered to engage in critical thinking and analyses on cutting edge topics that enhance learning for all participating. More information about the Adult Programs is available here!

Children's Programs

We are proud to offer programs for children of all ages. Guided by the Seven Principles, we seek to foster a sense of community from an early age.  Nursery to Pre-school aged classroom provide play-based activities and learning opportunities. The K- 2nd room offers a more structured introduction to the UU Principles. By the 3rd - 6th grade level, students are engaged in complex dialogue.   The teen group explores opportunities for community outreach, as well as providing peer based review and support in learning.   Children enjoy outdoor play when weather permits.  Snacks are included.
More information about the Children's Programs is available here!

Gardening in the morning

In addition to the indoor classrooms, we offer the opportunity to participate in learning through gardening. Get to know the community while you get in touch with the earth. This is open to people of all ages. Bring your children or just yourself.
If you feel most in touch with your higher power when your hands are in the dirt, then this may be perfect for you!
Come check out the Community Garden! Everyone is welcome!