Becoming a member of West Wind Unitarian Universalist
Congregation is a two-step process

From the WWUUC Bylaws:
"Any person who wishes to become a Member of the Congregation must sign the Book of the Beloved Community and must make a donation of record each fiscal year*. Any person who demonstrates sympathy with the Congregation’s purposes and program and participates regularly may sign the book. Anyone who signs the book and pledges time, talent, or treasure, but wishes to remain a Friend of the Congregation, rather than become a Member, may do so by notifying the Treasurer."

*A "donation of record" can be an annual financial commitment or a commitment of time and participation or a donation of both time and money.

Time, or Treasure

Everyone in community participates in different ways. Some participate with time or talent, volunteering for activities, classrooms or clean up, others volunteer their treasure, money, clothing donations, or decorations for events. All are so important we would never be able to function without one and the other. When we ask for your time in service it is with full respect of your time spent in other activities. We ask, only, that if you commit to participation, you try your hardest to follow through. We know that life throws curve balls. Please remember, as members of the beloved community, we are always willing together to support one another when life overwhelms. If you need help, we encourage you to speak up.
We will do our best to help.


Re-New Your Membership

When joining the West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation, you only have to sign congregational roll book once. However, each year, we ask that you renew your commitment by complete a pledge sheet. Your annual pledge sheet ensures that we maintain up-to-date contact information. It also gives you an opportunity to identify ways that you wish to be involved in the congregational community, and communicates how much, "time, talent, or treasure" you plan on sharing with the congregation. Our annual budget is drafted based on the estimated donations that have been pledged. We encourage all renewing members to complete and return their pledge sheet by early May each year. This enables our Treasurer to draft an accurate budget, which the congregation votes on during our Annual Congregational Meeting, which customarily takes place on the third Sunday of May.