Andy Jacobs talks about conversion and the unique way that people develop individual spiritual paths

What to Expect During Your First Visit

As a Unitarian Universalist Congregation, we strive to affirm and promote the Seven Principles in the way we care for ourselves, each other, and the community of which we are a part. Our Sunday Services specifically embrace the Fourth Principle, "A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning". Our services are rooted in the humanistic teachings of the world's religions, and the divinity of compassion.


We have approximately 30 parking places. Those closest to the entrance are reserved for visitors who may have mobility challenges. Its level ground, with no steps, but the doors are not equipped with auto-open feature, so expect one of our congregation members to jump up to help you with the door, if you appear to need assistance!  We also have a bicycle rack for those who pedal in!


Expect to see people dressed up in their fanciest clothes, sitting next to people in jeans and t-shirts. Some will have polished shoes, others no shoes at all. Regardless of how you look, we will welcome you as a guest in our house.

After Service on Sunday

The 1st Sunday of every month, The Social Justice Committee meets shortly after service.
The 2nd Sunday of every month, we enjoy a Pot-Luck Luncheon after service.
The 3rd Sunday of every month, our Board Meeting happens shortly after service.

The Sunday Service Committee meets quarterly as necessary. Members who are interested in delivering sermons are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Fundraising Committees, Gardening Club Meetings, Special Project meetings, occur on structured schedule. Look for updates on our Facebook page. Announcements are often made as relevant, during the period of 'Church Related Announcements' during Sunday Service.

A Typical Sunday Service

First Hymn
Greeting the Beloved Community
Chalice Lighting: 'We light this beacon of hope, a sign of our quest for truth and meaning, in celebration of this time we share together.'
Children’s Story is shared for everyone's benefit (Afterward, we sing the children out with Hymn #413 'Go Now in Peace'.) Children may stay for the rest of service or join childcare workers in the religious education rooms until service is over.
Church Related Announcements and Collection of Gifts: Church related announcements are made while we pass around collection baskets. The first Sunday we pass an additional basket for Diaper Change. The last Sunday of the month we pass an additional basket to help supplement our Teen Programs.
Candles of Joy and Concern: Attendees are invited, only as they feel comfortable doing so, to light candles on the altar for joys or concerns that they wish to share with the community.
Second Hymn
Meditation Reading: Usually delivered by whomever is delivering the sermon. This does vary occasionally.
Silent Meditation, followed by a Musical Meditation:
Use this time to meditate, to pray, to focus your thoughts, or let your mind wander.
Sermon: Delivered twice a month by the Student Minister, Andy Jacobs. Alternating sermons are Lay Led from members of the congregation. Occasionally guest speakers are invited to come and present sermons for the congregation.
Third Hymn
Closing Words: 'May truth bless us, joy sustain us, and love direct us until we meet again.'

Members and visitors are invited to stay
for coffee, tea, and conversation
following sunday services.